What's New in ReliaSoft 2020

Discover new enhancements and software improvements to design better products and improve processes.

Reliability Analysis and Management Software


The ReliaSoft 2020 release offers new enhancements and product improvements to streamline customer experiences with better data management that enables organisations to make value-driven decisions and continuously improve.​

Customers on active software maintenance can gain access to ReliaSoft 2020 and full release documentation, please Contact Us for details on (0) 161 474 6886 or email: info@WildeRisk.co.uk.


Release Highlights

New software packaging for Weibull++ and BlockSim

Enhanced XFMEA capabilities and support for AIAG & VDA Handbook

Comparative Analysis to optimise maintenance strategies

Additional updates and improvements


New software packaging for Weibull++ and BlockSim

Weibull++ now provides licensed options for Accelerated Life Testing (formerly known as ALTA) and Reliability Growth (formerly known as RGA). Simplify your data transfer and expand further your reliability calculations within one unified interface. With this collaborative approach, you can now calculate reliability metrics, forecast warranty, design, and accelerate tests and model reliability growth using Weibull++.

Similarly,  BlockSim, the optionally licensed Event Analysis module (formerly known as RENO) has been added. With new capabilities and already existing Process Flow module, BlockSim provides comprehensive solutions for product designers and asset managers. The latest version allows for more consistent application management between similar features and provides customers streamlined experience for similar reliability approaches and interfaces.


Comparative Analysis to Optimise maintenance strategies

Compare, define, and optimise various maintenance strategies using the Comparative Analysis feature now available in both BlockSim and RCM++ software. This customer-driven feature provides an ease-of-use capability to demonstrate and communicate effectiveness of the current vs. proposed maintenance strategy. Easily implemented, Comparative Analysis allows for building and optimising an ideal maintenance strategy.



Enhanced XFMEA capabilities and support for AIAG & VDA Handbook

XFMEA has been updated to fully support the DFMEA and PFMEA approaches according to the new AIAG & VDA Handbook. New fields and capabilities were added to allow users in automotive industries to follow the handbook and use software along with existing guidelines. An updated P-diagram form with improved reports and queries have been updated to match both design and process recommendations.

Enhancements to ancestry features now provide for functionality in FMEA Hierarchy View, FMEA Worksheet View, Test Plans, and an improved Control Plan worksheet. The Control Plan worksheet now provides linkages back to the FMEA, allowing users to better manage the entire FMEA process.


Additional Updates and Improvements

  • Complete visual overhaul of all desktop software packages with enhanced and seamless SVG based appearance for modern look
  • Ability to more easily define simplified variable models using the Triangle and Uniform distributions.

  • Improvements for XFRACAS reporting with new expanded options and permissions to meet changing needs
  • Updated help files to a HTML5 format to match the visual appearance of the applications.
  • 64-bit installation available now for ReliaSoft desktop products.
  • Customer driven enhancements for BlockSi
  • m's Process Flow module include reporting and tracking for valves
  • New AIAG & VDA fields and approaches added to SEP - web portal for ReliaSoft software
  • Administrative tools for reporting users and permission
  • Ready to Take your Reliability Program Further?