Do Your Alarm Systems Meet Industry Standards?

Check with EEMUA 191

Take our one-minute survey to receive your discounted copy of EEMUA 191 Publication, 20% off Alarm Systems Management training and a Free assessment.

Explore how we can help you to better recognise and deal with typical human-factor problems involving alarm systems.


One-Minute Survey

To check if your Alarm Systems Meet Industry Standards, receive a Free rudimentary assessment and a range of discounts.

1. Do you have an alarm policy?

2. Do you have a clear definition that ensures alarms are only used for events that require a timely operator response?

3. Do you have a clear definition of ‘Safety Related’ alarms that matches with your process risk assessments (e.g. LOPA) ?

4. Have you defined Alerts that are of interest to operators but do not require a timely response?

5. Have you defined alarm priorities according to the consequence of not responding and time available to respond?

6. Are you considering reviewing existing alarms or setting up a new system?

7. Do you know how often your operators receive 10 or more alarms in a 10 minute period (flood of alarms)?

8. Have you defined operator responses for every alarm?

9. Have you confirmed that the way alarms are displayed is consistent with human factors?

10. Does your management of change system work well for alarms?

11. Have you specified that alarms shall be designed to satisfy operator requirements only?

12. Have you specified that formalised alarm reviews will be carried out, is there a procedure and defined responsibilities for doing this?

13. Have you considered how to integrate new alarms with any existing systems?



Wilde provides dedicated Alarm Systems Management Solutions Including;

  • Dedicated Assessments and Consultancy - With extensive experience in systems-level thinking, together with detailed knowledge of control systems and instrumentation, we can help assess and improve the design of your safety alarm systems.
  • Training Courses - With a close relationship with EEMUA, we regularly run popular and respected training courses together as public scheduled courses, focus courses - at your location on your preferred date and online courses.

Upon completion of the check list, you will receive a Free rudimentary assessment of options to consider, based on the survey responses.

As well as...

  • 20% discount on related consulting services. Examples include:
  • Planning, Optimisation and Rationalisation of Alarm Systems
  • Gap Analysis Assessment on your Alarm Systems Policy
  • Human Factors Control Room Ergonomics Study
  • Assess and improve the design of your control room to satisfy HSE standards


Next Online Course Start Date: 4th May 2020

Duration: Split into 2 sessions over one day in 3 hours slots. 3 hours during the morning, 3 hours during the afternoon.

If you can't make this date, please contact us for alternative dates or focus training options.



This concise one-day session delivers simple and practical guidance to managers, designers, supervisors and operators on how to recognise and deal with typical human-factor problems involving alarm systems.

Topics Include:

    • Core principles of alarm systems Design and Management
    • Procurement of alarm systems
    • Measuring performance
    • Managing Improvements

The tuition is aligned with EEMUA 191, the globally accepted and leading guide to good practice for all aspects of alarm systems, issued by the Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association

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