When using engineering software to solve demanding problems, it is inevitable that you may need some help. Our dedicated Technical Support Manager & technical team endeavour to respond quickly & efficiently before your workflow is significantly affected. All software support is provided in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.

Software Support

When requesting product support, please assist our staff by indicating the software product you are using. Please provide as many details as possible when describing the problems you are encountering to enable us to diagnose them quickly. In many instances, it is also helpful for you to send the input file used for the analysis.

Typical information required includes:

  • The platform on which the software is being run
  • The version of software being used
  • Any error message(s) you may be receiving

How to Contact Us with Your Support Questions

Please choose one of the following options:

If you would like to send Wilde Analysis any relevant data files, please use WeTransfer:

Send with WeTransfer

Please refer to our Privacy Policy regarding how we may process any personal data you give to us.

Not on a Software Support or Maintenance Contract with Us?

No problem. We can provide you with technical support even if you have purchased your software from another provider.

Please contact us to discuss what type of technical support contract would best suit your needs, ranging from an annual agreement to an hourly rate.

Non-Software Specific Support

We can also help you with technical support if we do not sell the specific software you use. From our extensive experience, our consulting team can provide advice, results checking, mentoring and training services, and design a specific support package around your needs.  Please contact us to discuss options.