ReliaSoft Synthesis Enterprise Portal (SEP) Web portal for ReliaSoft applications

Track reliability metrics and project progress, and share reliability analysis results via web portal device


Track reliability metrics and project progress, and share reliability analysis results via web portal

ReliaSoft SEP is a web portal for ReliaSoft desktop applications, which enables your entire organization or team — including managers and colleagues who don't have the ReliaSoft desktop applications installed — to access key analysis and project management details from any web-enabled device. It provides a personalized overview for each user, with quick and convenient access to the metrics, analysis summaries, dashboards, assigned actions and messages that are relevant to you.


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Discover how SEP can enable you to manage and streamline reliability analyses via web portal


Assess project progress and meet objectives
Track key performance indicators (KPIs), such as reliability, mean life, warranty time, or expected failures, to help you gauge progress using measurable results.

Report and share your analysis results
Share reliability analysis results throughout the organization to improve your products and enhance customer service.


Track FMEA activities and share lessons learned
Improve designs and mitigate risk by effectively managing FMEA activities. Utilize convenient web summaries to help managers and others track progress for each FMEA and share feedback.

Mitigate risk by watching potential failure causes
Configure dashboard tiles to best monitor potential failure causes identified via FMEAs and to track progress on assigned actions.


Access ReliaSoft desktop applications from any web device
Run ReliaSoft desktop applications using SEP, all without installing and updating software on each client computer. Easily open and view the full analyses from any web device.

Foster successful cross-functional collaboration
Facilitate collaboration between different areas of expertise with potential cost savings when you implement XFMEA, SEP, and Aqira with Prenscia Access.



Why should your organization use SEP?



  • Track KPIs, reports and status of assigned actions
  • Monitor progress on FMEAs and sign off on completion
  • Monitor results from other reliability analyses



  • Share your own results and stay up-to-date on analyses performed by others
  • Convenient mobile access when you need to present findings or update your assigned actions


Entire organisation

  • Access lessons learned from FMEAs
  • View results from reliability data analyses and simulations
  • Update your assigned actions without having a ReliaSoft desktop application installed