A unique failure rate and failure mode data bank, based on over 50 published data sources together with Technis's own collection of reliability data.
FARADIP is widely used as a data reference. It provides failure rate DATA RANGES for a nested hierarchy of items covering electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, instrumentation and protective devices. Failure mode percentages are included, together with an FMEA package which calculates Safe Failure Fraction (per IEC 61508).
FARADIP has been steadily developed and extended since its inception in 1987, since when there have been 42 updates. The time has come for a major review of all the FARADIP entries which have been subject to continuous refinement of the ranges using Technis data and judgment. The result is the new FARADIP.FOUR which blends old and new data by compensating for reliability growth to provide rates which are credible values for current equipment.

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