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GAP Analysis


We offer an auditing service to assess whether your existing simulation, safety and reliability strategies are consistent with your goals. If your current processes are found not to be optimal, we then propose an action plan to bring your programmes up to the desired level.

Our Gap Analysis services are becoming increasingly popular with clients who are aware of where they want to get to but are not sure on how far along the path they are or what they need to do to reach the destination. These services are conducted by our in-house technical team or an associate with specialist knowledge and experience within your industry.

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What is GAP Analysis?

We typically undertake a 1 to 2 day assessment of your existing activities, sourcing evidence from information you provide, interviews with various staff and possibly your clients, assessment of any regulatory requirements or industry ‘norms’ and benchmarking against known best practice. Sometimes this analysis can be done remotely through telephone and web communications. In other cases, it is important we conduct an on-site visit.

We then deliver this assessment as a formal report together with an action plan for any improvements.This plan will rank actions in terms of those that provide the best value and move you closer to the desired level most efficiently. As with Pareto’s Law, we start by identifying the 20% of actions will generate 80% of the results. You then may choose to work with us to address these actions or use the analysis report to plan the work in-house or with other consultants.

How is this different from a Typical Pre-Sales Consultation?

We always try to provide the best advice in terms of the most appropriate software or service solution to meet your requirements. However, a Gap Analysis is an opportunity to conduct an in-depth holistic analysis at a strategic and technical level normally involving a larger number of stakeholders within your business.

Furthermore, a pre-sales consultation normally focuses on what solutions we can provide whereas a Gap Analysis is a separate assessment that may include recommendations beyond our own portfolio.