Project Options


With an experienced and highly qualified technical team, we can undertake projects on your behalf while maintaining close contact with your in-house operations regarding progress and technical issues. Our flexible project options enable you to control your budgets and avoid the risk of overspend while assured of a timely, reliable and quality solution.


Flexibility is key to our services. We run projects as short a half a day for a straightforward verification exercise to multi-year contracts to support and optimise new product development. Most standard project work is undertaken within our head office in the UK for efficiency but this can be combined with on-site Secondments and Technology Transfer services.


Close communication ensures we deliver to your requirements.

You are allocated an account manager who works alongside our consulting staff to ensure both your commercial and technical objectives are met. 

The scope of any project is clearly agreed and defined upfront and we ensure that you are kept informed of progress. This includes any discoveries, issues or concerns that arise from intermediate results that may influence the direction and duration of the project.

Project meetings are important and encouraged, particularly for complex assignments or design optimisation services. These can take place either at our headquarters or your offices. In addition, to minimise your project costs and delivery times while adhering to our Environmental Management policy, we promote web conferencing as much as possible.


Clear and meaningful presentation of results is an essential way for us to add value. Various levels of reporting are available to suit your requirements:

  • Extensive – often required for regulatory authorities
  • Standard – Full report, but without the detail of the Extensive report
  • Summary – Limited to basic facts and important conclusions, often presented in a slide  format

If you would like to continue the project in-house, we can also deliver the results databases from any analysis tools used to enable you to recreate the analysis and further investigate the results. This can include the provision of appropriate software licenses.


After agreeing a scope of work and timescales, we can structure the pricing of your project in many ways:

  • Fixed Price, against fixed quotation.
  • Reimbursable.
  • Reimbursable, against target price.
  • Call-off contracts

Assessment Services

Through the Wilde Group, we retain senior engineering staff with extensive experience in mechanical and civil structures, including design, analysis and failure investigation studies. Independent third-party assessments are typically undertaken in the following areas:

  • Assessment of designs to confirm Fitness for Purpose
  • Peer review & independent assessment of  Safety Case Documentation, including the critical examination of third party  studies and reports
  • Client support in technical Litigation and Arbitration Cases, including Expert Witness representation

Program Development

We have in-house scripting skills to help customise software and automate processes, ranging from the creation of macros and engineering calculation worksheets to the development of translators, material models and software wizards.We have undertaken such projects for both clients and software developers.

Example Projects

Our Case Study Library illustrates a range of non-confidential projects that we have undertaken. Our Capabilities and Project Services are applicable to all engineering sectors and consequently we not daunted by the specific product or process that needs attention. Since 1980, we have been involved in a diverse range of projects such as:

Aeronautical & General Instruments

- Standards based prediction on a military runway landing lights


- RAMS analysis on an imaging radiometer for an earth observation satellite

Aerospace Defence

- FMECA Study for night vision imaging equipment for aviation applications

Aluminium Production

- Reliability Gap Analysis to review methods for reliability performance


- HAZARD Analysis on electronic sensing systems


- Warranty Life Data Analysis for prediction of expected life

Automotive Electronics

- Fault Tree Analysis on automotive Active Roll Control system

Aviation Civil & Military

- RAMS Analysis and  System Safety Analysis for Aircraft Control Systems


- Root Cause Analysis Gap Analysis

Compressor Design

- SRS for a combined power and steam generation facility

Energy & Power

– Asset Integrity Management Study using RCM / FMEA

Energy & Power

- Life Data Analysis of Wind Turbine acoustic resonance sensors

Energy & Power

– Risk Register and Safety Study for compressor station

Energy & Power

– Safety File for embedded power generation units

Energy & Power

– Training to standards IEC 61508, IEC 61511 

Energy & Power

- Wind Turbine Safety Study

Gas Production & Storage

- Fire and explosion consequence analysis

Gas Refining

- Facilities HAZOP & LOPA Revalidation

Industrial Electronics

- Reliability Assessment of Electronic Valve

Industrial Engineering

- Availability Analysis for a Data Centre

Industrial Engineering

- FMEA Study for a roticulation technology compressor

Industrial Engineering

- Parts Stress Analysis on Power management and control equipment for street lighting

Industrial Engineering

- RAMS analysis on boiler and heat exchanger components

Industrial Lighting

- Reliability Assessment of a Lighting PSU

Industrial Machinery

- System Reliability for Gas Turbine manufacturer to optimise Maintenance Strategies

Industrial Nuclear

- Maintenance Task Analysis on Uranium Recovery Project

Industrial Process

- HAZOP and LOPA SIL Assessments on a Rubber Process Plant

Industrial Production

- Reliability Gap Analysis for Process Yield improvement on consumer metering product

Life Sciences Biomedical

– Gap Analysis to implement a DfR programme

LNG Storage

- Alarm systems management review & SIL assessments


- Pre-FEED HAZOP and LOPA SIL Assessment

Marine Defence

- Hazard Identification using SWIFT on a COMAH Lower Tier military site

Military Engineering

- ARM Compliance Support for a Chemical Explosive Detector


- Long-term secondment of TRAM Engineers working on a Nuclear decommissioning project

Off-Road Vehicles

- Life data & Risk Population Analysis on Articulated Dump Truck casting component

Oil & Gas

-  Facilitation Services for a HAZOP & LOPA for a new design of pipeline interconnection

Oil & Gas

- Human Factors Control Room Ergonomics Study

Oil & Gas

- Safety integrity assessment of marine Emergency Release Coupling (ERC)

Oil & Gas

- Winch Operational Safety Assessments

Oil Production

- Life data and system reliability modelling

Oil Production

- PHSER, HAZOP, LOPA to IEC 61508, IEC 61511 Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, UAE

Oil Storage

- HAZOP Reviews for a Floating Production Storage Offload (FPSO) vessel

Process Plant

- QRA Consequence Dispersion Modelling & Analysis

Scientific Instruments

- Reliability Gap Analysis for the introduction of a Reliability Engineering Programme

Standards & Guidelines

- Rewrite of EEMUA Pub 201 Control Room Design

Transport Rail

- RAMS analysis and Accelerated Life Testing on LED based train signalling system

Transport Rail

- RAMS Analysis of a Rail Carriage Wash System

Transport Rail

- RAMS analysis of a train Derailer safety system

Transport Rail

- RAMS Consultancy on TFT Display Unit Controller

Waste Management

- Gap Analysis for Alarm Systems Management rationalisation project