Availability, Reliability & Maintainability for Defence Projects

Do you require a better connected Reliability – ILS – Supportability approach?

Are you meeting your Availability,  Reliability & Maintainability Goals?


A Wilde + ReliaSoft solution provides a seamless flow of data between engineering disciplines for complying with defence standards, ensuring maximum efficiency and enabling an improved way of handling dependability data.

  • A complete AR&M and DRACAS software solution, meeting the needs of DEFSTANs 00-40,-42, -44 & -45
  • Implementation support & consulting
  • Training designed for your specific needs

Don’t leave your legacy data behind! Bring it with you into ReliaSoft


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Virtual Online Seminar Series: Availability, Reliability & Maintainability for Defence Standards

Wilde recently hosted a series of free virtual seminar sessions providing an insight into dependability requirements for the defence industry. Watch the recorded webinars on demand by completing the form below.

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Software and Solutions for Understanding Product Reliability and Maintainability

ReliaSoft software applications provide a powerful range of solutions to facilitate a comprehensive set of reliability engineering modelling and analysis techniques. ReliaSoft products help to:

  • Drive reliability improvement by design, both qualitatively and quantitatively, while infusing Design for Reliability (DFR) activities with relevant information that can be used for next-generation products.
  • Use data-driven analysis to address today's demanding performance specifications, while capturing enterprise-wide knowledge within a self-improving, closed-loop system.
  • Quickly discover design and process flaws before release to manufacturing while evaluating and improving design margins to reduce development time and cost.
  • Accurately estimate system availabilities and maintenance schedules from field and test data to reduce field failures and system downtimes.
  • Forecast the system and component failures, estimate returns to reduce costs through better warranty modelling and spare part inventory management.
  • Determine the reliability and availability of the system, resulting in reduced operating costs and minimised unscheduled downtime.
  • Use advanced statistical methods to support management in financial decision planning.

    Our Reliability Analysis products help to:

    • Significantly reduce test time required to obtain reliability metrics for a product, which can result in faster time-to-market, lower product development costs and improved designs.
    • Design accelerated tests that will be the most effective to achieve desired objectives.
    • Predict performance during the useful life (or warranty) period.
    • Use simulation to obtain estimated performance metrics that can facilitate decision making in a variety of areas, such as scheduling planned maintenance, planning for spares, identifying bottlenecks in production throughput and estimating life cycle costs.
    • Calculate optimum overhaul times and other results for fielded repairable systems.
    • Compare suppliers or designs based on reliability.
    • Demonstrate that an item meets a specified reliability




    Software Solution using ReliaSoft

    For all your Defence project Reliability Engineering requirements, the ReliaSoft suite of software provides key functionality for your AR&M and DRACAS requirements, meeting the needs of DEFSTANs 00-40,-42, -44 and -45.
    A common Database, common Methods and common Formats ensure efficient data handling, minimal potential for errors and full traceability of project work.

    Implementation Support

    With ReliaSoft’s robust data import functionality and highly configurable template formats, Wilde’s Reliability Engineers work with our Defence Clients to implement ReliaSoft into their business Product Development/ILS/Supportability processes and to enable data transfer to/from other business databases including legacy data.



    Standard and bespoke training courses are provided on ReliaSoft tool training and Reliability Engineering theory for beginners to experts.




    Contact us Today to discuss how our solutions can help you to effectively manage the dependability of complex systems throughout their lifecycle, whilst complying with UK MOD standards such as Def Stan 00-4200-44 and 00-45.



    Related Projects

    Recent Projects Include:
    • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) analysis, including FMECA & standards based prediction, for Airbus maintenance panel.
    • System Safety Analysis (SSA), including Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Dormant Failure Analysis, for aircraft control system.
    • RAMS and standards based prediction using MIL-HDBK-217F for satellite components.
    • Design for Reliability activities for military runway landing light application.
    • FMECA, Availability, Reliability and Maintainability Studies of Chemical Monitoring Equipment.
    • FMEA and Parts Count Analyses of Naval Hydraulic Valves
    • Import of Aircraft legacy RCM records into a common ReliaSoft database
    • Proof of Concept study for modelling software reliability
    • DRACAS system configuration, development and implementation support on Naval Asset project
    • Design for Reliability Theory Training for Naval Dockside Facilities Engineering Teams



    Defence Standards


    DEF-STAN 00-42


    DEF-STAN 00-44


    DEF-STAN 00-45


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    Our systems are certified to Cyber Essential Plus, the UK government-backed industry supported scheme that demonstrates the level of protection taken against cyber-attacks.

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