What's New in ReliaSoft 2022

Discover new enhancements and software improvements to design better products and improve processes.

Reliability Analysis and Management Software


We are pleased to announce the availability of ReliaSoft 2022, offering important software usability improvements and new methods designed to make your reliability analyses more effective, improve your productivity with streamlined user experience.

Customers on active software maintenance can gain access to ReliaSoft 2022 and full release documentation, please Contact Us for details on +44 (0) 333 996 9930 or email: info@WildeRisk.co.uk.


Release Highlights

Fault Tree Analysis

Improved Software Usability

Reliability Demonstration Test

The New FMEA Standard - J1739 (2021)



Fault Tree Analysis

Take your Fault Tree Analysis to the next level using the Binary Decision Diagram solver method. The latest version of ReliaSoft BlockSim comes with a new analytical calculation method for evaluating Fault Tree Analyses. This powerful implementation allows for more complete and accurate cut sets, better results for larger FTAs and more complex common causes (mirrors).

A more convenient form for the system failure logic function, the Binary Decision Diagram, overcomes some disadvantages of conventional FTA techniques with more efficient and exact qualitative and quantitative analyses. Now using the BlockSim software you can quantify easier and more efficient the system failure likelihood and with better accuracy, since there is no need for the approximations used in the traditional approach.




Reliability Demonstration Test

Product validation testing is an important step in the design process. The latest version of ReliaSoft Weibull++ provides a new way to calculate probability of successful demonstration for a proposed test and makes it easy and intuitive to create a plot of several reliability demonstration test options.

The Test Design folio in Weibull++ can be used to assess the tradeoff between the number of samples to test, duration of test and the demonstrated reliability and confidence. With ReliaSoft 2022 you can design more effective and complete reliability demonstration test, which can help you to determine whether your product(s) will meet a specified reliability goal and within defined time.



Improved Software Usability

ReliaSoft 2022 provides improved usability in ReliaSoft Weibull++ to help customers perform various analyses more quickly and efficiently. The latest update to the Distribution Wizard helps you easily choose the best distribution option for your data. You can also quickly determine the best fit for real world data sets using the BIC and AIC fit methods.

For better and faster navigation, we updated the default distributions to those used the most, while maintaining configurability for users who want to see more options. It serves a better guide for both new and experienced users and make help options and tool tips more accessible.

Additional Weibull++ improvements include streamlined user-friendly interface with labels for all button and an ability to choose which buttons are displayed.


New FMEA Standard - J1739 (2021)

In ReliaSoft 2022 we have added the SAE J1739 (2021) FMEA profile to ReliaSoft XFMEA/RCM++ software. This new update will allow customers to choose between AIAG/VDA 1st and the new SAE standard for automotive applications. The revised SAE J1739 standard has a significant number of changes when compared to the previous version. It helps with assistance for designers and manufacturers in the identification and reduction of technical risk by providing appropriate terms, requirements, evaluation criteria, and worksheet formats.


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