Webinar: 5 Cornerstones of the RAMS Development and Deployment

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM BST on 18th June 2020



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Date: 18th June 2020

Time: 2.00PM - 3.00PM BST


Public transportation systems around the world are feeling the strain of the twin demands for longer operating hours and higher passenger volumes, driven by the significant rise in urban populations. The increasing size and complexity of the public transport networks make it challenging to forecast the total cost of ownership for vertical and horizontal transportation solutions (VHTS) such as elevators and escalators – including preventive and corrective maintenance as well as the 'new normal' after COVID-19 related maintenance aspects.

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Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) operating model helps operators to meet the expectations of passengers and mitigate the risk of unreliability.

Implementing a robust RAMS process can be a challenging project, even with well-established engineering practices related to overall reliability and maintainability. Furthermore, each project is unique in terms of its RAMS KPIs, and implementing a RAMS approach requires a clear plan and management support. Decisions about solution’s RAMS performance are made at the design table. As part of KONE’s Solution Creation concurrent engineering, Design for Reliability and Design for Maintainability disciplines are applied to collect RAM requirements, potential risks, and verification and validation activities are performed. Supply operations need to be involved into the details of RAMS as well, ensuring the fit for purpose delivery.

This webinar will demonstrate 5 cornerstones of the successful RAMS Development and Deployment tailored for vertical and transportation industry and their public transportation segment.

  • RAMS Organisation
  • RAMS Operating Model
  • RAMS Tools and Processes
  • RAMS Awareness and Training
  • RAMS Continuous Improvement in Full Chain Operations



Joni Kiiski, Kone



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