Logistics & Spares Modelling

Using ReliaSoft’s BlockSim software as our tool of choice, BlockSim allows you to specify both the direct and indirect costs associated with the maintenance strategies that you have defined, including costs related to downtime, maintenance crews, spares, etc. This yields a wide array of simulation results that are instrumental in performing realistic Life-Cycle Cost assessments. With BlockSim's modeling flexibility, you can:

Specify what kinds of crew delays are included in cost calculations and what delays should be ignored.

Specify costs associated with system failure, including cost per incident and downtime rate.

Specify system uptime revenue and revenue due to throughput so the simulation is able to calculate opportunity costs.

View new cost-related simulation results, including system-level costs, the contributions of different kinds of wait times to block costs and the contribution (criticality) of a block's cost to the total system costs.


Our Reliability Engineers have extensive experience of hosting FMEA and FMECA workshops in the Design, Process or Functional context. The workshops are performed to Industry specified requirements either as stand-alone activities or pre-cursors to RCM or Fault Tree activities.

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