Process Hazard Analysis

Identify Risk at the First Stage of the Process

A hazard analysis, such as HAZOP, is used as the first step in a process used to identify risk. With specific experience of all relevant health and safety standards, we can help you demonstrate compliance in a cost-effective way to and ensure risks are ALARP. Our team comprises Chartered Engineers or recognised specialists with substantial experience of process safety, functional safety and environmental issues.

How Does it Work?

Independent of any design house or equipment supplier, we can provide the impartial perspective of a neutral consultant when preferred by standards or regulations. Many of our engineers have been formally approved by companies for activities such as HAZID, ENVID, HAZOP chairpersons and as FSA & PHSER assessors.

We provide chairpersons, facilitators and scribes to undertake qualitative and quantitative risk assessment studies in the UK and across the world. We have international safety clients in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, United Arab Emirates and other countries.

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