SIL Assessments & Verification

Supporting our Hazard Analysis solutions, we conduct Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessment, verification, certification and auditing to evaluate systems and equipment designed to actively prevent unacceptable safety risk.

We provide both consulting and training services based around IEC 61508 / 61511 and related functional safety standards.

How Does it Work?

 We provide chairman, facilitators & scribes and are familiar using bespoke software to record & process assessment work on safety instrumented systems.

Commencing with a Hazard Analysis and development of the Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS), we use a range of methods to apply a SIL, including risk graphs, risk matrices and, most frequently, layer of protection analysis (LOPA). SIL targets may be supported by QRA & Consequence Analysis. Safety Instrument Functions (SIFs) are then determined. 

SIL assessment, validation and certification services are provided for IEC61508 and IEC61511 standards. We are also familiar with related industrial specifications such as IEC 61513 for Nuclear and BS EN 50126 / 50129 for railway applications.


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