Human Factors Ergonomics (HFE)

Using our understanding of Human Factors and expertise in Engineering to support the design of plant and equipment.

Acting as the HFE competent person in a project our consultants assist by developing plans and supporting discipline engineers to develop designs that will suit the human operators and maintenance personnel during following commissioning. They can also support and lead specialist human factors analyses and studies where required throughout the project.

Human Factors Engineering (HFE) ensures proper consideration of human factors is integrated into project from start to finish. It brings disciplines together to ensure human factors risks are properly understood so that optimum solutions can be developed.

A key part of HFE in a project is the human factors integration plan. This should be developed as early as possible in a project so that resources can be properly assigned at the appropriate time in the overall plan.  This includes ensuring people with the necessary competencies in HFE and operating experience are involved.

Integrating HFE in projects is expected by many regulators and experience shows that proper consideration of human factors in design has significant long term benefits in terms of safety and reliability.

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